GNOM is an irreplaceable device for divers who want to extend the boundaries of underwater explorations. It reduces the risk of diving in a complicated places and hazardous areas, it allows a preliminary survey of the diving site. GNOMs also help is to estimate visibility, examine the underwater wrecks before diving and plan the dive tracks.

GNOM helps to explore the underwater flora and fauna, to research and to see the organisms that are inhabiting in the inaccessible for scuba divers depths. With the help of GNOM, it is very easy to monitor and inspect the natural surroundings of fish species you need.
The risk for speleodivers can be minimized. Sensitive color video camera and lights give the customers new abilities in minimum visibility conditions (eg. diving in underwater caves, vugs or video recording at night or at depths). This opportunity is very useful especially for underwater archeologists, wreck explorers, or the underwater video makers. In a minimum visibility conditions (eg. apparition of mud or silt) it is very effective to use LYYN T38, that can really improve the quality of real-time video or stored material by making it more clear, sharp and colorful.

GNOM Baby is a compact and easy-to-use robot, it is a irreplaceable partner of every diver.

GNOMs can be used for all kinds of diving:
• SCUBA diving
• Underwater photo-video making
• Speleology
• Underwater archeology
• Underwater sport hunting
• Technical diving
• Drift diving
• Drop off
• Wreck diving
• Night diving and many others

GNOMs produce unique opportunity to be caught in among mysterious and unsearchable inhabitants of underwater world and to get unforgettable impressions of the underwater beauties of flora and fauna. If you don’t have equipment for diving at the moment or if your qualification doesn’t allow you to make a deep diving, you can get easily on your monitor a high-quality video from the depth till 300 m (Super GNOM - Pro). This equipment also allows to make a surveys of forthcoming places for diving, video control of diving, particularly for freedivers. Our ROVs have already successfully been used many times in freediving competitions.
Your colleagues are able to control your diving from the surface, that will minimize the risk for you.