Ship & Propeller Inspection

GNOMs make it possible to reduce the survey expenses for activities like inspecting the underwater parts of a ship, inspecting the customs terminals, broken tanks, or when underwater technical works are carried out. It helps to control all kinds of repairs that are being done underwater.

Visual control of ship repair will save time spent on repair and maintenance. The possibility to launch the GNOM in water from the overside of the ship will help to discover and remove the disrepair quickly and effectively.
Thanks to its technical equipment, GNOM serves as an authoritative source of information about the state of hidden objects without the need for any previous preparations. With the help of GNOM, you can easily control how the hidden works are conducted. The possibility of preliminary examination and permanent video inspection will eliminate unforeseen hindrances in your work.

To survey the bottom or reefs, the additional video camera with built-in lights is installed on the GNOM. In low visibility conditions it is very effective to use LYYN T38 that can improve the quality of the real-time video or stored material by making it more clear, live, and high-colored. Small size allows the ROV to get into small enclosed spaces and to hold a detailed review of all underwater parts of the ship.