Rescue works

ROVs GNOM are widely used for searching works and surveys of shipwrecks including potentially dangerous ones. Search of drowned equipment, weapons, ammunition is now quicker and easier with GNOM.  GNOM is very effective in underwater archeological researches. GNOM  can be used for mine examinations as well.

The deeper the immersion is, the more difficult it becomes for a human being to overcome the pressure. When you use GNOM, the risk for divers becomes lower, the safety increases, the efficiency and effectiveness of underwater works rise and the costs of these works decrease.

Emergency Control Ministry of Russia uses widely ROVs GNOM for search and inspection of underwater objects and subjects in The Baltic, Black, Karskoe, and Japanese sea. Above all these, it examines sunken atomic submarine boats, drowned chemical ammunition, flooded hard radioactive waste, sunken ships with ordinary ammunition and oil products.

ROVs GNOM are able to make a visual checkup and inspection, to define the type of object, to measure the level of damage and the degree of potential danger for an environment and people.

Using GNOMs considerably reduces the time you spend on search and rescue works. GNOMs give an opportunity to look for an object without restriction for a long time and to execute a maximal overhaul of the object. For the work with GNOM, you need only 2-3 persons to control the process. The maximum time you need to be ready for work: 30 minutes. GNOM is able to work when there are bad environmental conditions, for example sea disturbance. ROVs can dive to the depth of 500 meters. Thanks to GNOM’s small size it can get into hard-to-reach places. Also, it is possible not only to get a video but also to measure parameters of examined object or territory. All characteristics enumerated above are making GNOM irreplaceable in extreme situations. GNOMs increase the safety of divers. Operating is realized by a person from ship or from some other object, even underwater object. All those facts are very important because it increases the safety of divers. Using GNOMs is more cost-effective than divers’ labor especially on depth more than 100 meters.

Using GNOMs economizes your time and budget.