Fish industry

The monitoring of fish populations helps to speed up the development of the fish industry. GNOMs make a video control (even permanent) over fish: fish migration, catadromy, location of the place where the concrete species has a spawning, etc.

The best model for such researching works is GNOM Baby because of its small size. It's easy to operate and very convenient to take it along with the fish boat or with the ship. GNOM Baby can be used when the set tasks are: upgrading the catch instruments, research of fish lifestyle or behavior features, evaluation of the stocks, overseeing the distributing and structure of aquatic life accumulations in a natural environment, and co-operating with the instruments of catch and many others. Model GNOM Baby is suitable when an underwater survey is needed, especially underwater examinations in complicated places.
For such kind of researches, the GNOM Standard is also very suitable. The advantage of this model is the operating depth of up to 150 meters. It can be used for example, at the survey of supplies of ground species.
It is possible to use the underwater Drop camera as well, for example for observation of the construction of trawls and their engagement with different species of fish.

Application of GNOM vehicles as an underwater video camera can solve the problem of fishermen to peep under moorages, under the bottoms of courts, or other hard-to-reach places. In fishing, it is very important to know the places where the fish are. The search of shelters, where the fish are hidden, is especially useful to carry out by GNOM Baby thanks to its small size. Professionals will be able to study attentively changing breeds that compose at the bottom because such transitional areas are very attractive for fish. The study of mutual relations of predators and their prey will help to understand better the ways and methods of movements and feed of fish. It is possible to inspect spaces in deep whirlpools and back-waters even in gloomy weather, when sun can be hardly seen through clouds and light is not enough.

In low visibility conditions the best solution - is to use LYYN T38. It will improve the quality of video making it clear, sharp, and bright.